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Reviews Comments: Dave Barry: The Legend Dave Barry whole series review by Gerazzi

I could go on about how I was introduced to Dave Barry in my local library because I had to do a history report and "Dave Barry Was Here" was... there... and how that got me interested in history and how that got me to get an A in that history class but that's not really the important part, is it? The important part is that I'm a sort of connoisseur of American and British humor, of course, because I've watched daytime television to watch reruns of Arrested Development, Looney Tunes, etc. and spent ridiculous amounts of time watching British sit coms...

Okay maybe connoisseur is the wrong word, perhaps the correct word is "person who has too much free time on their hands" but then I suppose that's not one word...

I've sort of forgot where I was going with this...

Ah yes, what I was going to say is that I highly recommend Dave Barry as a read. It's always clever and witty, and almost never tedious. If you're in the market for humor, then you should stop by the Dave Barry diner, for a fresh omelette. That is if the omelette is humor. I have no idea how Mr. Barry cooks, and he probably won't cook breakfast for you.

But yes, whether you're in the mood for just reading some old articles or a book, you should not pass up the chance to have your humor-stomach fed by Dave Barry and his delicious humor-omelettes.


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