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Reviews Comments: Awful The Last War fanfic review by Wildstar 93

There's a lot I can say here about what makes this Fan Fic so awful. So I'll use a list.

1. The characters are very out of character. The author may claim that's how they behave in the books, but I call bullcrap.

2. When Hermione kills Ron (I know he's portrayed as an abusive jerk, but still!), Harry says she was defending herself. Last time I checked, she did it on purpose in front of her kids!

3. Harry hates Ginny because she gains weight and is a racist? Those two are very unlike Ginny if you ask me.

4. Finally, they got over their dumping-their-spouses really quickly. Whatever happened to the 5 stages of grief?

Anyway, that's what I wanted to say. Oh, and I wouldn't recommend reading this either.


  • Patworx
  • 20th Feb 15
This fanfic displays all the most annoying traits of the Harmony fandom.
  • Wildstar93
  • 20th Feb 15
True. It's like a cliched story.
  • szaleniec1000
  • 2nd Mar 15
I've said this before, but my "favourite" thing about TLW is the way that it goes out of its way to make Ron and Ginny as horrible as possible, and yet Harry and Hermione come out looking just as bad. Hermione only married Ron in the hope of staying close to Harry, and either didn't notice or didn't care about his declining mental state. (How did he keep his job as an Auror without being killed, fired or both when he spent half his life drunk and behaved irrationally even when he wasn't, anyway?) Harry, meanwhile, gives the impression of only having cared about Ginny for her "Quidditch-toned figure" - yes, it's described in those exact words, because as you say cliche.
  • Beacon80
  • 3rd Jul 17
The author even contradicts her own claims about writing them in character. Harry explicitly states that Ginny's behavior in the books was all an act.

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