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Reviews Comments: This series is pain. Neko Sugar Girls whole series review by Mortrialus

Greetings and salutations, my name is Mortrialus, you can call me Mort. I am also the creator of the series's Tv Tropes and the biggest contributor. The only way to review this series is to describe my experience watching it. My online friends and I watch videos on the internet all the time, movies, tv shows, viral videos, and things like that. One late night my friend gave me a link and said "If you're hardcore, watch this". I was not prepared.

What I watched was a horrible, confusing abomination of anime tropes and horrible animation and voice acting. This show wasn't just bad, it literally hurt me physically and mentally. I'm not even joking about that. It pained me to even comprehend that this show exists. As a big fan of anime, it just made it worse to me that someone could actually miss the point of most anime and just replace is with cute(Read HIDEOUS) meandering and nonsense.

In my mental stupor after the first episode, I literally had to drink the pain away. I went for the booze and prepared myself. The second episode was no better. My friend was apparently enjoying my suffering. The third episode seemed to shed some light on the fact that it was, infact, a parody.

I am still unable to decide which is worse; That someone is just this bad at writing, or that someone would intentionally create this abomination to inflict the pain on me that it had.

If you're hardcore, watch this.


  • LostHero
  • 18th Aug 10

But seriously, this is just the tip of the internet. One day you will understand.
  • WeYreAoung
  • 23rd Nov 13
Nyan Neko Sugar Girls wasn´t mean to be taken seriously.

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