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Reviews Comments: Frankly awful Princess Of The Blacks fanfic review by Lysianda

The writing tends towards the unoriginal and the main character is horrendously over powered. It might be a mildly entertaining story if characters were not painfully coated in layers of 'grey' which tend to appear more like black or white depending on whether they side with or against the protagonist. The slightest feeling that the heroine might not win everything she tries at would improve it tenfold. To suggest that 'Jen' tends towards the divine in terms of her power would be a criminal understatement.


  • KoolKoopaGirl
  • 30th Jun 17
I frankly agree. This fic is horrendous.

The author wrote another fic called \"Faery Heroes\". It\'s terrible too. Lots of Ron The Death Eater and at one point, Harry threatens the Cruciatus Curse on Vernon. Like, dude, what the hell.

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