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Reviews Comments: Of Wooden Ships and Iron Men Assassins Creed IV Black Flag game review by Fishythe Ascendant

So as to list some of the more positive aspects of the game:

  • The largest open world of the series, to the extent that the game could be considered a sandbox game even without the main storyline.
  • A main story line that attempts to explore the Templar perspective of the Assassin/Templar conflict without diminishing the impact or ignoring the conclusion of the Desmond Arc.
  • Some surprisingly well-detailed first person segments
  • A stunningly rich and enjoyable sailing experience that captured the whole "Age of Sail" era far more than any game I've yet seen.
  • Some extensive and enjoyable multiplayer content.
  • Brilliant level design and combat mechanics (as are standard for the series).

Overall an enjoyable game with much staying power, if not my favorite game of the entire series. I would highly recommend it, but this review doesn't do it justice. See the game for yourself and see what you think.


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