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Reviews Comments: Starts off promising, but.... Star Driver whole series review by tuliojulio

Star Driver has a lot going for it. The animation is great, with the action scenes getting a special mention, and it has a campy sense of humor , but can take itself seriously when necessary. In many ways it comes across as Revolutionary Girl Utena with a bigger budget. Unfortunately the shows' flaws become apparent real quick. The main character is too much of an invincible hero for the fight scenes to be truly exciting and the series is also very repetitive with Takuto facing a member of Glittering Crux and defeating them with a super power we didn't know he had. This formula is used for almost every episode. Luckily, like Utena, the show focuses more on the characters than the fights, but here we run into another problem. The cast is simply too large for anyone to have any breathing room and at the end even the main characters feel distant. 2.5/5


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