Reviews Comments: A beautiful, amazing game with a slightly awkward story. [Spoilers ahead, don't read if you don't want any]

A beautiful, amazing game with a slightly awkward story. [Spoilers ahead, don't read if you don't want any]
As the innovative, interesting Pokemon Black and White saga has come to a close, we gamers have been introduced to a new story: Pokemon X and Y. The plot follows your journey as a Pokemon trainer, traversing the France-inspired Kalos region as you attempt to conquer the Pokemon League and prove your worth as a Trainer. This new series has a lot going for it. Fully 3D graphics, which haven't been utilized in a mainstream Pokemon game ever before; The ability to utilize Video Game Caring Potential through Pokemon-Amie (i.e. playing with and feeding your Pokemon in order to build bonds with them); the easy, fun base stat increases that Super Training provides; the new Type introduction... I'd go on, but there's one issue.

The storyline.

Firstly, your "rival" Trainers. In this game, you get not one, not two, but FOUR: shy Trevor, energetic Tierno, cheerful Shauna, and determined Serena/Calem (depending on what gender your PC is). Shauna and Serena/Calem spend a lot of time with you (S/C even helps you beat Team Flare) and you form fairly close relations with them, but Trevor and Tierno don't appear nearly as often. However, the game tries to say that they're just as important as Shauna and S/C when they're clearly not. This irked me slightly when I played.

Secondly, Team Flare itself. Though the Grunts and the Scientists are quirky, amusing, and very fun to talk to and to battle, and their boss is a very sympathetic character (if the quotations of other NPCs are to be believed), their plot is a little too rushed. For one thing, I don't remember it being very clearly specified just what they need Pokemon (catching Pokemon is said to be why they steal Poke Balls from the factory) and electricity (stolen from the power plant) for.

Third: The strange man you see near the Power Plant. In my playthrough of Pokemon Y, I only saw him once, maybe twice before his importance in Team Flare's plans was revealed. There was some foreshadowing about him beforehand, but giving him such an important role and so little screentime seems rather awkward.

Disregarding these plot issues, though, X and Y are an amazing addition to the Pokemon series with a nifty, fairly engaging story, amazing gameplay, wonderful graphics, and insanely great music. Final rating: 9/10


To answer your second issue, they need the electricity and the Pokémon's life force in order to power the Ultimate Weapon.
comment #22576 MJTrooper 25th Dec 13
Thank you kindly, MJ Trooper.
comment #22578 KitWolf 25th Dec 13
Yes, but we never actually get to see how they power it. All they do is block off Route 10.
comment #22585 Trollblade69 26th Dec 13
But honestly, you're criticizing the foreshadowing of AZ? Either you haven't actually played the game all the way through, or you don't knkw what foreshadowing is.
comment #22586 Trollblade69 26th Dec 13
I don't think it was their intent to criticize the foreshadowing; rather, it was to concede that his role had some foreshadowing, but his huge involvement in the plot toward the end was still overly sudden, given the little screentime he had beforehand.
comment #22587 MFM 26th Dec 13
MFM, you are correct. Sorry if my wording was confusing, Trollblade.
comment #22617 KitWolf 28th Dec 13
Much more understandable, and I agree with the point. Thanks.
comment #22621 Trollblade69 29th Dec 13
Yeah, the way other characters talk about Lysandre is baffling. In Y (Haven't played X), he declares genocide on all but his rich followers so that they can have the world's resources. That's not sympathetic, that's selfish and greedy and callous. He also talks about how sharing the world's resources causes too much death and misery, but then his solution... Is to kill everyone else with the ultimate weapon so him and his team can have the world's resources. Lolwut?

Reminds me of Mass Effect 3's ultimate motivation for the reapers, although at least in Pokemon I don't care about the story as much.
comment #22657 Scardoll 1st Jan 14
Lysandre IS kinda insane, so I guess he doesn't really know what he's talking about anymore and is pursuing his own twisted logic. Other people in the game (someone in Snowbelle City comes to mind) mention that he could've been a good man if he hadn't gone bonkers, and a lot of them (Prof. Sycamore included) say that they're sorry Lysandre snapped. Good intentions, lunatic motives.
comment #22670 KitWolf 1st Jan 14
  • er, lunatic METHODS.
comment #22671 KitWolf 1st Jan 14
The implication is that they needed all those Pokemon to help fuel the Ultimate Weapon, just like how AZ initially fueled it to resurrect Floette. This might make a little more sense in X, as he sought immortality and that's exactly what the weapon granted AZ and Floette.
comment #22876 Neikiro 14th Jan 14
They needed all those pokeballs to catch pokemon to help fuel the Ultimate Weapon. All those pokemon were tied to the gravestones out on route ten.
comment #23057 Midoribird 29th Jan 14

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