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Reviews Comments: A review that is actually somewhat positive. School Days whole series review by encrypted 12345

Ah, School Days. Good times, Good times. This is one of the more memorable series that anyone will ever watch if only because of how it seems like heaven at first yet becomes hell halfway. At the end, when all is said and done, the viewer will naturally think, "HOW THE F***ING HELL DID THIS ALL HAPPEN!?! WHY IS EVERYONE SUCH A F***ING IDIOT?!?"

This is how. They are all teenagers who fail to think rationally and do irrational things. Much of the series is a pure idiot plot. However, this is easily justified. They are all too immature with the dealings of love and lust to have rational thoughts and to communicate effectively whenever such feelings come into play. When I watched this when I was in late middle school, I could understand how badly their emotions screwed up their logic. In fact, I believe that even a bittersweet ending would have been an asspull because of how strong the emotions of envy, wrath, lust, and pride. It's hard to deny how inevitable a tragic ending would be if something close to this happened in reality.

This review exists to show that this series is actually more realistic than it first seems. It is a quality anime that should be watched by all if only to learn the moral lesson: DO NOT LET YOR DICK OR VAGINA CONTROL YOU. IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY.


  • DonZabu
  • 19th Jun 10
I said it once, I'll say it again, you'd have to be the misanthrope from Hell to think this train of events is the inevitability. I stand by my point that it's the harem equivalent of the Dark Age of comics, mistaking nastyness for depth.
  • GintaxAlvissforever
  • 17th Aug 10
I'll say this. Over the top, yes but I do believe that it was their immaturity that caused everyone's downfall. I mean, in the video game, you (as Makoto) CAN PREVENT THIS by the actions you take. I think sometimes, observing the characters from all three versions, can you tell whether this is a f*cked up anime or a deconstruction of the harem trope with hidden depths. I mean, look at Cross Days. XD New protagonist that gets in between everyone to stop the tragedies. (Of course ,whether not he becomes part of it or if he does much depends on what he does.)

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