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Reviews Comments: The best comic no one's ever heard of Erfworld whole series review by alexoblivion

Erfworld was hosted on the same site as a much better-known comic, the Order of the Stick. Yet when I read both, I was blown away by this sub-comic of sorts. Don't get me wrong, OOTS is great. But Erfworld is truly fantastic. The world is incredibly imaginative and creative. The RTS-based universe leads to situations that are familiar, yet wildly different. Most comics setting is an afterthought, but Erfworld's setting takes center stage. Thanks to the always well-written text updates, the world is slowly introduced to you, but you will immediately get a grasp of the basics. The humor is also worth a mention. Although not the funniest comic ever, the sheer mass of meme and pop culture references is staggering and often hilarious. Let us not forget about the characters. Each character, even the gimmicky ones, is excellent and humorous. Parson is a likable ever-man, Wanda a "Maybe, Maybe Not" villainess/antiheroine, even the somewhat less developed characters, like Maggie or Vinnie, are still a great contribution to the comic. The art is also fantastic, although I prefers Xin's art in Book 2 to Jamie's in Book 1. Overall, the comic is truly epic and fantastic, of the highest quality in art and story. Go read this comic. I can promise you it's not dissapointing.


  • FuzzyZergling
  • 13th Aug 11
Even though this review is over a year old, it's still true. To anyone reading this, go and read it. It's worth the time.

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