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When your work pays off
I've read a lot of fanfics in my lifetime. Some were bad, other were good...But not many of them pulled me in right from the start.

The Lion King Adventures is so interesting that once you've started it, you can't just look away.

The fanfic has a serial format which works really well, I might add.

I can't picture this any other way, it's stuck.

It's like... watching a really good animation series. But with a little bit more saturated violence... Which I love.

The relationships between the characters are well established and the overall flow of the story is buttery smooth. The author has done a brilliant job there.

The villains are cheesy but in a good way. Remember those 90's movies? That's the same feel. It's epic and entertaining at the same time.

The humor is signature and there are plenty of scenes where you must bite your toes to stop the laughter.

As a whole, The Lion King Adventures is an epic experience that I'm sure everyone will enjoy. It has everything! Purring romance, cool adventures, epic battles, heartbreaking moments... Who doesn't love such tale?

Now, go ahead and read it!
Everything you said here is perfectly true, my friend! I LIKE IT!
comment #21260 Anonymous13B 26th Sep 13
I might add that the way you write it is wonderful too!
comment #21263 Anonymous13B 26th Sep 13
Hago and Scar are awesome villains! Heck, they're ALL wonderful villains!
comment #21323 Anonymous13B 3rd Oct 13
And I've greatly enjoyed being the voice actor for many of the characters!
comment #22298 Anonymous13B 28th Nov 13
Pictured: Subtlety
comment #22299 kay4today 28th Nov 13
No need for sarcasm...
comment #23521 Anonymous13B 20th Mar 14

comment #23814 Anonymous13B 13th Apr 14
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