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Reviews Comments: An Amazing Accomplishment - Millers finest work Batman Year One film/book review by iwintheinternets?

Year One is the best Batman graphic novel I have ever read. It was released not long after The Dark Knight Returns, clearly a hard feat to challenge, and is often shadowed by that, also incredible work of Frank Miller. I, however, believe this book to be his best.

The story is far more realistic than anything I have ever seen in any other Batman book. It rivals the intelligence and thrilling realism of even the recent film The Dark Knight. In fact, it far outstrips that film. Reading Year One was the only time I have ever, honestly, found myself believing the Batman was possible. It makes you wonder why no one has ever become a Batman in reality. The darkness of the story, it's crushingly depressing setting and the morbid new takes on the characters (One of my favourite scenes involves Bruce Wayne, out on his first failed attempt of vigilantism is chatted up by a 13 year old prostitute, who is later revealed to be Selina Kyles room mate) combine under Millers pitch perfect writing and execution. The life affirming and brilliantly pulled-off final sequences are nothing short of beautiful.

The art, to boot, matches the narrative superbly and depicts a tired, diseased Gotham city in a mundane and almost poignant light. The art is probably the best I have seen thus far in Batmans long history.

All in all, an incredible book. Millers best work. The best Batman novel there is, folks.


  • ManBearPig1000
  • 18th Oct 10
Spot on. This is MUCH better than The Dark Night Returns

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