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Reviews Comments: Good enough not to be a guilty pleasure My Little Pony Equestria Girls 2013 film/book review by Vanguard 1505

Let me just say: This film is far from perfect but it is NOT your typical high school drama.

Equestria Girls is one of those movies where you have to see it for yourself. The fandom absolutely blasted this film when it was still in the concept stage and I think a lot of them are starting to withdraw their original opinions after watching this. I went in without an opinion at all, aside from questioning particular design choices and curious how they were going to pull this off. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed. This movie is a feel good movie: it makes you care about a lot of characters and you're excited to see how Twilight develops more as she's trying to cope with becoming human. Her reaction to becoming human and learning the elements present in our world had me laughing quite a lot. The mane 5 counterparts are as lovable as their pony versions, each one giving you the impression you can definitely see it's them and not someone pretending to be the original five. Unfortunately, their relationships with each other presents the film's biggest plot hole. The way they were broken up and the way they get back together is such an obvious sign of lazy writing, it will distract you for a long time. But by the time they get back together and engage in one of the most addictive songs of the entire series, you'll slowly forget.

Sunset Shimmer is a very fun villain. She starts off as your stereotypical high school alpha bitch but slowly reveals her plans and shines as having a much bigger goal outside just wanting to win the high school prom. This is another gem of the film that really makes her stand out from the typical high school bitch. While her means of engaging her goal are... questionable, it's huge in scope and she definitely deserves respect for that.

Flash Sentry, I really have no opinion on. He's likeable enough and has some character flaws (he's rather shy and timid at times) and yet he also sees Twilight for who she is and not how pretty she looks. The only downside is he's just not developed enough, which I think is why a lot of fans don't like him.

Lastly, the design choices of a lot of the character I found I really warmed up to. At the time of writing this, I seriously do love them and I find the boots to be absolutely fabulous.

I recommend people give this film a shot. If you don't like it, at least you watched it.


  • Phobosong
  • 23rd Nov 13
That pretty much sums up my feelings about the movie.
  • kay4today
  • 23rd Nov 13
I'm not sure about the character designs. Every girl is the same stick-thin figure with the same body type. If you mean the design of their clothes, then sure those were alright.

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