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Reviews Comments: My Favorite Webcomic Homestuck whole series review by Toony Man

I can't even call Homestuck a webcomic, it's an adventure! Made by the oh so talented Andrew Hussie who has the ability to pump out updates incredibly fast almost everyday and you have a very very sticky page. Not just the speed that counts, but the quality as well! Homsetuck is action, adventure, comedy, drama, etc. It's really hard to put this comic as a specific genre, so let's go with epic.

Homestuck IS a complete upgrade of Problem Sleuth. Let's go through this shall we?

Characters: This is the strongest part of Andrew's work. The characters in Homestuck ARE THE BEST CHARACTERS. Every character is memorable. The fans LOVE the characters and the fan-art threads just prove that further. We have nerdy John, smart Rose, sick Dave, and playful Jade for the 4 main kids. There is just way too many people to list though and I don't want to clog the word limit. Either way, you will laugh and feel for the characters. You are going to get attached trust me, just look at the forums...

Plot: The second strongest part of Homestuck, we have here a awesomely original story going on here. I don't see tropes here, I see tropes being BORN here. I'm seeing a ton of TV Trope articles with Homestuck quotes at the top, and Homestuck is not very old at all. Andrew made a really nice page (and the fans placed links) here: It has a lot of spoilers though so let me explain a basic plot summary for people who want to start reading Homestuck. John Egbert is your average 13 year-old kid who gets a S Burb Beta in the mail on his b-day with great depth behind it. That's the best I can think of anyway.

Time to criticize Andrew's Homestuck...

The Negative: Although Homestuck has everything good about it there is a few flaws I would like to point out, I know this is a matter of opinion, but bear(RAWR) with me. The trolls...aren't being used well. The trolls were OK near the beginning when they were new and everything, but at present time the trolls haven't done shit. I wish we could see some actual progression from them, oh well. From the looks of the updates it's going to be soon.

10/10 - Homestuck is a breath of fresh air in Webcomics and SHOULD be read.


  • senfood
  • 19th Oct 10
"The trolls...aren't being used well"

  • ToonyMan
  • 26th Nov 10
Yeah I know man, this was before Act 5.

It was pretty much just Karkat being a douche bag and talking to John about how much their game is screwed up without doing anything.

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