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04:30:59 PM Jul 2nd 2014
Moved here because of arguing in the comments.

Also, the complaint about nature's depiction is just fucking weird. "Oh no, bugs!"

  • Straw Character: The "nature" depicted has no bugs, parasites, diseases, dangerous animals or anything "icky" about it like any real wilderness, it's completely an unrealistically ideal portrait of nature. Also, it fails to account for the fact that businesses have a bona fide profit motivation to protect the wilderness, at least the part of it they're using (if the Once-ler had been smart with his business plans they would have included replanting trees, it's just common sense). He's the Once-ler because his strategy is good if you're amoral and only care about making money once (rather than continuously).
    • Not using up whole forested regions (and animal/bird/fish species), until they are completely exhausted as a useable resource, then switching to a lower-quality or harder-to-access resources was a rather unorthodox thought at the time of the book's writing. And if you think such practices are a thing of the past now, think again.
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