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02:44:31 AM Jan 21st 2015
Seasonal Rot is described as: "An installment in any long running series that is widely held to be of notably poorer quality than the other installments."

Season 11 does not belong on the Seasonal Rot section for the same reason Season 20 isn't there, it's a highly device season that many people love and many people hate, making it, at worst, a base breaker. There were complaints about the course and casting, and the winner, but at the same time it had a number of great episodes, and the interactions between the final four teams make for some of the best inter-team interactions in the series. Charla & Mirna vs Dustin & Kandice alone produced several all time great quotes, and those two and Danny & Oswald are three of the most popular teams in the show's history for a reason.

It's like looking at the teams in the Scrappy section and the Love to hate section, they were all hated by the audience, but some were just better villains than the others, and made better television. Season 11 was hated by some, but liked enough by others that it's no where near as hated as the other "rot" seasons. Sure, it's not going to make many people's top 10 lists, but it never makes the bottom of lists either, especially when compared to the other all star season. It generally sits comfortably in the middle of the pack.
03:28:26 AM Jan 30th 2015
edited by Polisi25
Kinda agree to that and Season 20. I don't enjoy Season 20, since I found most of the cast except for maybe Mark & Bopper too one note to root for. But the course and tasks are really the main attraction for this season (constructing a campsite, the Detours at Paraguay, Bollywood dancing), and the the helicopter ride in Africa is beautiful, seeing teams being relaxed for a moment after the Narobi incident helps either. Still, this season course struggled due to having to share a season with a more drama oriented cast
03:58:42 PM Mar 28th 2011
edited by DrWillHatch45
In the Base Breaker section, there are two comments that Just Bug Me. First, I have never heard ANYONE refer to seasons 5-9 as the prime seasons of the show. Season 5 is considered one of the classic seasons by consensus, but 6-9 are decidedly less popular. Season Six is disliked by some for its supposedly unlikeable cast(though I myself am a fan of season six), season seven is an outright Base Breaker due to Rob and Amber, season eight(Family Edition) only is only a sub-cult favorite at best, and season nine is also a Base Breaker due to BJ and Tyler and the fact that two teams basically ran rings around everyone else. I base this on the activity I see at Survivor Sucks, which is one of the most popular Reality TV boards on the internet. Over there, Seasons 1-3, as well as Season 5 and Season 12 are generally considered to be the best among fans, while Phil Keoghan the host considers 1-3, 5, 7 and 14 to be the "prime" seasons.
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