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03:15:00 PM Oct 13th 2015
edited by Clanger00
"England has more haters than you'd expect, especially given the fact that he is almost bizarrely popular in both fanfic and fanart. Some fans hate him because he is so popular, finding that his popularity leaves other countries behind. Some even find him to be the Creator's Pet. On the other hand, it almost seems logical that the fandom is so divided over him—not only is he very much Tsundere (which is often taken Up to Eleven by fans), he is also a country with a very long history that seems morally questionable to many, so not many are pleased with him being portrayed as The Woobie."

I'm omitting this paragraph. From the sounds of it, England is not a Base Breaker but a very popular character (it even says that in the paragraph) that has a small Hatedom- part of which is Hype Backlash. It doesn't make a good case for him being a Base Breaker.
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