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08:26:49 AM Jun 9th 2014
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What was wrong with using the old picture we had with Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns?

12:51:39 AM Jun 18th 2014
There was a bit stink over it after Rollins left the group. But basically that matter seems to be settled now so don't go changing it without getting it okayed by everyone.
02:45:07 PM Jun 18th 2014
There was nothing wrong with it, most of the tropes on the page still deal with the original incarnation of The Shield. Tropers with a love for changing pictures and a lack of patience for waiting on wrestling angles to play out, such as waiting for a new image of the Shield to supersede the above and the fact Rollins was a member, is what is wrong. Just leave this one where it is and maybe someone will feel like putting it back and/or starting an Image Links tab, depending on how the Shield develops over the next six months.
04:26:57 PM Jun 19th 2014
Well, the Shield have basically split up as of this past week. As far as I'm concerned, we should restore that image since it makes no sense to change it to a generic logo based on the final week of the stable's existence.

Plus, the logo just looks kinda crappy.
03:30:57 AM Jun 21st 2014
I agree, it looks like crap. We could hold off on changing the picture for a few weeks to see how things progress. If no one gets added, or we know for a fact that they have broken up.
01:10:43 PM Jul 1st 2014
The Shield's looks like it's completely over now. I'd say change it back to the photo of the three of them.
01:27:51 AM Jul 2nd 2014
Done and done.
03:55:11 PM Jul 2nd 2014
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Yeah, I agree. I was the one who changed the pic in the first place. I thought The Shield was going to continue existing with just Reigns and Ambrose, but didn't wanna spoil it by putting a pic without Rollins.

Also, I still feel funny about the wording being "nicknamed" The Hounds of Justice instead of "also known as" The Hounds of Justice. I feel like the latter sounds better and it's not inaccurate.

EDIT: And what was wrong with the logo pic? What other choice would we have had? Either spoil the fact that Rollins left the group, or have a pic with him in it that isn't accurate (this is in the hypothetical scenario that Ambrose and Reigns remain members and don't split).
03:41:38 AM Jul 4th 2014
As neither Ambrose nor Reigns operated under the Shield moniker for more then a week, two tops, before going their separate ways with Reigns feuding with the Authority and Ambrose going after Rollins.

"The Hounds of Justice" Moniker is a nickname given to them, and if I recall correctly, they were never introduced as such. If they where also "known as" The Hounds of Justice, they've would of been introduced as such every time they arrive for a match by the announcer. a la "He's the Viper, Randy Orton..."

It's been a couple weeks since their breakup. Anyone watching now, are hammered by the fact that Seth turned on the Shield by the announcers any given moment either Seth, Dean, Roman or the Authority are on-screen. And by looks of things, The Shield has indeed broken up.
04:31:35 AM Jul 4th 2014
I agree with restoring the pic of all three members, but I was just saying that if The Shield had continued to exist without Rollins, I thought the "Hounds of Justice" logo worked pretty well.

IIRC, I've heard one of the mods say that spoilers aren't allowed in the intros of character pages, and a pic without Rollins would have been a spoiler.

But that's neither here nor there. Just thought the logo wasn't that bad.
10:22:19 AM Jul 4th 2014
I know what you mean, put I felt it was a bit premature to change the picture until we knew that either Dean and Roman would stay together longer, or that they would go their separate ways.

And how is a picture a spoiler? Even if you started watching now, you get the idea that Dean, Seth and Roman was part of the Shield, then Seth turned on them the other two went their separate ways.

I think the mods mean that you can't use spoiler tags in the intro. In the examples it's okay.
06:29:35 PM Jul 5th 2014
Confirming that it is only spoiler tags that can't go above the examples. Spoilers themselves are fair game.
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