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10:57:13 AM Feb 13th 2011
"Just Joe"

I have the December 2010 issue of WWE magazine. In it, they claim that 10 years ago(December 2000), their "Rookies to Legends" article had featured "Just Joe". However, That Other Wiki only confirms that he was with the company until October 2000(the next time a date is mentioned is in 2003, in another company). I had a brief moment of wonder when I first saw the blurb, as to whether they might perhaps have intentionally "misremembered" the article as Just Joe's, when say, Chris, might have been the one mentioned there. Not too likely, but Chris did jump to the WWE a good 6 months before "Joe", and would have had a full year to build up enough credibility to be featured(I find it pretty hard to believe that they'd feature someone who's been there barely 5 months, no matter what they claim about "featuring a rookie, rather than a legend, for a change"). Can anyone verify this?
12:29:42 PM Mar 22nd 2011
This third party page lists Just Joe as as the one featured in the Rookies to Legends article.
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