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11:21:46 PM Nov 24th 2012
After watching Toy Story 1 for the upteenth time and then coming to tvtropes for the eleventeenth time...it hit me or rather Woody. In the scene where Woody rides in the back of the Pizza Planet truck and he gets smashed by the toolbox it then immediately cuts to a night sky with lots of stars. As in seeing stars aka circling birdies trope!
05:56:12 PM Oct 15th 2011
...how is Toy Story a Shakespearean actor? If I knew how to fix this, I would.
05:46:49 AM Sep 21st 2011
This was posted as a trope example, but it's a show, not a trope. Copying it here in case anyone knows what trope the example description goes with.

  • Name That Tune: This movie reveals that "You've Got a Friend in Me" was the ending theme for Woody's Roundup. Listening to it helps Woody realize he made the wrong choice in agreeing to go to the museum with the other Woody's Roundup toys.
02:55:37 PM Aug 27th 2011
I thought it would be fun to take elements of the awesome movie Toy Story 3 way out of context and give it a bad review. Tell me if you disagree with anything here or would do it differently. P.S. Would it be trolling to pit this on the review page?

I don't know whats worse the fact they made a Disney, Barbie princess movie, or that its practically set in Care-a-Lot.

Barbie acts really cheesy with her prince throughout the movie. The prince's statements in standing up to the villain are either stalk corny love sayings, or kids show morals. In the end I actually felt gypped when I saw the villain make a heal face turn.

Recap. In the beginning Barbie as a commoner is betrayed by her supposed best friend and kicked out of her home with some people who she was sort of friends with. She ends up in another kingdom that's all bright and colorful and decorated in rainbows called Sunnyside and she is greeted by a kind guy who looks much like a Care bear ,his name is Lots-O-Huggin Bear or Lotso and her prince charming who shows her around the kingdom. Everything seems nice but it turns out the villain is bullying the citizens and Barbie gets sent to prison. She gets rescued by her prince charming. Which leads to her prince purely out of love for her standing up to the bully and telling the citizens the place would be cool and groovy if they treated each other fairly. This leads to the main character and Lotso having a conversation where we find out bully is evil because he thought he was betrayed by his best friend and didn't want anybody to have friends if he couldn't. The citizens learn a valuable lesson and Barbie ends up with her prince charming as co rulers of Sunnyside.

11:47:10 AM Jun 6th 2011
edited by PandoraDreaming
There's one example under 'Unusual Euphemism' [1] That I'm not sure belongs there:
Bo Peep: What would you say if I get someone else to watch the sheep for me tonight? (could be taken a lot of ways, but judging by Woody's reaction, it's probably sexual)

This actually has a very literal meaning. Bo has a flock of sheep she looks after. By telling Woody she'd get someone else to watch the sheep, she's basically saying "Why don't I call a babysitter to watch the kids so you and I can have some alone time?". It isn't a euphemism. Unless someone disagrees, I am going to erase it.
07:01:19 PM May 6th 2011
I've noticed that a -lot- of the mentions of character names in all of the Toy Story pages are potholed to a trope that fits the character, for example, Woody is usually potholed to The Hero. Why is this? There seems to be no good reason for it, and it's distracting, especially when it has nothing to do with what's actually being discussed. It's not terribly important, but it's bothering me.
12:18:03 PM Jun 6th 2011
I went and got rid of all of them, or at least as best I could. There's at least one troper who has a thing about doing this—I'm pretty sure he did the same thing with the Avatar: The Last Airbender pages.

You're right, it's distracting, it has nothing to do with the examples 99% of the time, and half of the potholes don't even apply.
07:29:54 AM Jan 20th 2011
So it's a-ok to post the box office performance of Toy Story 3 here, but posting the box office numbers of other films on their respective pages is a terrible terrible Tv Tropes sin? Got it.
04:45:21 PM Nov 21st 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
Is there a reason there was a big deletion of examples? I can't find any reason. Something to do with splitting up the pages? OK, so where are the pages?
06:54:39 AM Nov 5th 2010
Okay, so I tried to clean up the TS IJBM page. Are there any objections to the way that I handled it? Or are we all good? X3
11:27:07 PM Nov 3rd 2010
edited by loracarol
So... I was going through the IJBM page, and it's a bit messy (well, I mean, I think it's a bit messy- YMMV). Would anyone mind if I went trhough and seperated the IJBM's out like on the Harry Potter IJBM page? I'm not talking about whole new pages, though, I jsut mean folders- one for TS1, one for TS2, one for TS3, one for The TS world in general, and one for fan responces. Does anyone out there mind? Does this sound like a good idea? Bad idea? If no one responds, I might just do it, and sort through potential Internet Backdraft later...

So: tl;dr, seperating the IJBM page out into folders ala Harry Potter IJBM: Good idea or bad idea?
01:02:36 AM Nov 4th 2010
Good idea. Now I'm going to go look up what tl;dr means, because I saw it on the Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma page as well.
07:03:20 AM Nov 4th 2010
Sorry, it means too long;didn't read. XD I just put it in as a "short cut" to meaning "so basically what I mean is this just in case I rambled on too much." XD

Thanks~ I'll work on that later today. XD
06:23:32 AM Oct 27th 2010
edited by batfan
So, I looked at the Toy Story 3 section, and at least 50% is completely spoilered. It just looks unprofessional to me. It seems to me that that section is pretty much targeted towards people who have seen the movie anyway, and given the fact that it is its own separated section, would it just be a better idea to say Unmarked Spoilers in the Toy Story 3 section. You Have Been Warned?
01:01:46 AM Oct 28th 2010
edited by batfan
I agree. That's exactly what we should do. Get some more agreeers here and it's a done deal.
11:24:06 PM Nov 3rd 2010
Man, I'm late to the party, but I just want to say that I agree with you- that sounds totally rational and logical. XD
11:47:09 AM Nov 20th 2010
No, Toy Stories 1 & 2 sections have a tidbit spoiler-marked. It's only fair that the NEWER third be spoiler-marked as well. Even if a good portion of it is required.
07:50:02 AM Jan 31st 2011
Or, we could just not use spoilers anywhere on the page. These movies have been out for a long time, people.
02:39:09 PM Aug 21st 2010
edited by
Deus Ex Machina is listed in Toy Story 3 as the scene where they get rescued by the LGM manning THE CLAW. While it works as a joke about this being literally a "god from the machine" there is the problem in that the scene was sufficiently foreshadowed with the LGM running off towards said Claw when they see it earlier. This is noted in the article as Deus Ex Machina being done right when actually it's disqualified from being Deus Ex Machina due to the foreshadowing. Instead it ought to be listed as "not strictly Deus Ex Machnina due to the foreshadowing, but a good allusion to the trope due to it being literally a god from the machine resolving the plot".
05:39:03 PM Jul 10th 2010
It says on the page that Toy Story 2 is set a few years after Toy Story. I think Toy Story 2 is set the summer after Toy Story. Anyone else think so?
01:27:49 AM Jul 11th 2010
All I know is that Toy Story 1 ends during Christmas a few weeks or months after the bulk of the film, and that Toy Story 2 takes place in the month of August, as does Toy Story 3.
03:53:51 PM Jul 11th 2010
I think Toy Story ends December 1995 and the 2nd movie is set in summer 1996, since Andy doesn't look much older in the 2nd movie than he does in the first.
02:07:37 AM Jul 8th 2010
I'm just gonna add this here because I'm really not sure if it's just me - did all the jokes about how effeminate Ken is strike anyone as Unfortunate Implications? It just seems like a retread of the old 'effeminate guys are gay and weird' joke, and it honestly made me cringe a few times. I'm seriously thinking of actually adding this to the page, but any Internet Backdraft is making me pause.
08:22:37 PM Jul 9th 2010
Eh, depends. Ken isn't actually gay, so I don't know that I would count them as 'gay jokes' so much as 'metrosexual/cross-dressing jokes', which of course is a little different even if the two do see a lot of cross-pollination. I mean his major plot-arc involves being in love with Barbie. There is the whole 'effeminate guys are weird' deal, which is played for laughs, but this Troper didn't think it was too bad.
07:26:17 PM Jun 30th 2010
Rex's story echoes plots of 80's films?

I noticed that in this movie, Rex starts out as a timid dinosaur, unable to roar properly, and afraid of any new dinosaur-themed toys coming into the room.

In one scene, Buzz teaches Rex how to roar, and at the end of the film, Rex is now excited at the prospect of a new dinosaur toy.

That plot isn't devoloped much, but it strikes me as similar to the main plot of 80's films such as "The boy who could fly" and "D.A.R.Y.L."
01:24:23 PM Jun 28th 2010
  • Is a YMMV for the Paranoia fuel entry about the toys being alive necessary? Because when I saw toy story as a kid I thought the idea my toy's actually listened and helped me to be cool and made me care more about them.
11:12:49 PM Jul 7th 2010
Paranoia Fuel is a Subjective Trope. The YMMV is implied.
05:52:53 AM Jun 26th 2010
edited by HarpieSiren
All this belongs on the Wild Mass Guessing page. (And a lot of it already is) So I'm leaving it here.

  • Heck, the entire movie, series even, could be seen as a metaphor for mortality and death. Woody and his friends are alone in Andy's room, having "outlived" all of the other toys. Sunnyside could be seen as the Christian heaven, with the Butterfly room as paradise, and the Caterpillar room as purgatory. The garbage dump is pretty much Hell, and Bonnie's house is reincarnation. Woody and the toys are played with by a young child again, surrounded by other toys. But they do manage to communicate with Barbie, Ken, and the rest in "Heaven," so there's no telling what that means.
  • The dump could be more of a "Lovecraftian" vision of the afterlife - not a place of gleeful and active torment as in the "Caterpillar Room", but a cold, alien realm designed only to bring a final and absolute End, operated by vast and incomprehensible beings who simply could not care about the horror of its existence. In truth, the whole movie is a gigantic gumbo of various interpretations of life after death, complementing Toy Story 2's theme of age and mortality - Lotso's ironic fate evokes the punishments of classical mythology, while the upsides of the "Attic" are similar to those of ancestor worship, adding on to the already obvious Heaven/Purgatory and Reincarnation themes noted above.
  • And Lotso bear and how he runs Sunnyside Daycare Center totally isn't a G-rated representation of several Real Life dictatorships!
  • I swear, when Lotso taunted Woody with "Where is your Kid now?" before leaving them to die, what I heard in my mind was "Where is the Rock of your Salvation? Where is God now?" Lotso, throughout the film, is pretty much fanatical in his reviling of the notion that any relationship with an Owner (the nearest thing a toy has to God) could be good. Don't misunderstand. I don't think he symbolizes atheism. I think he symbolizes people who literally hate God.
  • Lotso might actually be a metaphor for someone who feels that God abandoned him in is hour of need. His "We are all trash" speech might represent someone who believes nothing happens after death.
  • Lotso can be seen as analogous to Satan or Lucifer, whose pride and jealousy turned him against his owner and motivated him to make all other toys feel unloved and dissatisfied ("Ain't no kid ever loved a toy, really"). But the paradise alternative he promises them (Sunnyside) turns out to be hellish (the Caterpillar Room). His system is finally overthrown when the hero whom everyone thought was dead returns to set them free.
  • Sunnydale is a metaphor for abusive nursing homes. Especially how they describe the toys as being "worn and broken down" and the toys are referred to as junk that needs to be sent away.
  • It's been suggested the film parallels the Holocaust. To summarize generally, Andy's toys stand-in for Jewish people, and are sent to a concentration camp for undesirables (ie. discarded or lost toys). Lotso and his friends are the Nazis who live lavishly while the prisoners are tortured (by the Caterpillar Room toddlers) under their watch. If our heroes don't survive said torture (get broken by the kids or what have you), they get thrown in the trash. And, finally, our heroes are eventually thrown into an incinerator.
  • From the same link directly above, it's been suggested the toys died in the incinerator, while their rescue and everything afterward is the afterlife; not much evidence is given for this, however.
  • I've read theories that Lotso's interpretation of Sunnyside ("No owners means no heartbreak") is a metaphor for promiscuity or casual relationships without commitment like marriage. Avoid the heartbreak of commitment and have fun "playing with" as many others as possible...

03:57:16 PM Jun 22nd 2010
Deconstruction =/= Parody. Toy Story does not deconstruct catch phrases. "If this fictional element were real, why would it suck?" does not fit, "taking a fictional element (usually a trope or genre) that is usually seen as a nice thing, and showing this element to be poorly thought out, impractical, and/or much less nice than commonly assumed" does not fit, and "taking it apart in order to better show the flaw or flaws at its core" does not fit how the movies uses catch phrases. They may parody them but not deconstruct them.
10:56:03 AM Jun 23rd 2010
I agree. Toy Story does not deconstruct catch phrases. However, I don't see how it's a parody either. If anything, it's a Justified Trope. The toys have their catchphrases because they're built into them. However, I don't feel like changing it on the main page. It's just my own opinion.
04:42:01 AM Jun 22nd 2010
edited by
Superior version, Tropers?

Five Man Band:

- Woody (The Hero)

- Buzz (The Lancer)

- Hamm (The Smart Guy)

- Potato Head (The Big Guy)

- Rex and Bo Peep (The Chick)

- Jessie and Barbie (The Sixth Ranger)

- Slinky Dog and Bullseye (Team Pet)

- The Three Green Aliens (Tagalong Kid)


Five Man Band:

- The Hero: Woody.

- The Lancer: Mr. Potato Head.

- The Smart Guy: Hamm.

- The Big Guy: Rex.

- The Chick: Bo Peep, Jessie, Mrs. Potato Head and Barbie (though Jessie could also double as a Sixth Ranger).

- The Sixth Ranger: Buzz.

- Team Pet: Slinky and Bullseye.

- Tagalong Kids: The Little Green Men.

09:37:32 AM Jun 22nd 2010
This isn't a Five-Man Band at all, obviously. And I don't mean in number, I mean in roles. Their team doesn't work that way.
12:25:01 AM Jun 22nd 2010
To whomever made an entry on the character page for every single speaking role in every movie: very impressive work, but it's waaaaay too crowded in there. I mean, some of the characters listed have one total line in the entire series. And just because so many characters have posters with their pictures on them doesn't mean every poster should be shown. If we could find some smaller images for the main cast and significant supporting roles (perhaps from the films themselves), that'd be terrific. Minor supporting roles (like Bonnie's toys) don't need images.
11:38:31 AM Jun 25th 2010
That was me actually. I would agree with you that Bonnie's toys are, minor. However, they are most likely going to be featured prominantly in the upcoming Toy Story Shorts, so I think they should stay.

I will work on deleting characters without anything written about them.
11:31:26 PM Jun 21st 2010
This page calls Spanish Buzz a Spaniard repeatedly. I'm almost certain that the fact that he has no lisp means that he's not a Spaniard. If anyone can confirm this for me, I'd love to clean all such references out.

Also, should I put in an entry explaining how the subtitles for Spanish Buzz work, perhaps for Gratuitous Spanish? Just to confirm that they're a direct translation, albeit one that leaves out the occasional word, and that at one point Buzz says 'abierto (open)' without a subtitle. Does that seem too much like common sense, or would the information be intriguing/helpful?

And there are too many spoiler tags on this page. I say we should decide on at least one spoiler for which we can remove the tags, just so that the article will be a little bit easier on the eyes.
11:11:33 PM Jul 7th 2010
edited by OrchidbreezeofFireClan
I don't know what I was thinking the first time I saw the movie, but he's definitely a Spaniard. Thus Latin Lover is invalid.

My knee-jerk reaction is to just clear it out, but the Latin Lover entry notes that his accent is indeed from Spain (and so is his dance, if I'm not mistaken). It gives me pause that the references to two very different cultures still coexist on this page despite the fact that there's at least one editor that is aware of that fact. Thus I figured I'd double-check.

Seemed to me that he was just Spanish through and through. Were they playing him as Latin as well as just plain Spanish? Near as I can tell, all the cultural aspects of Spanish Buzz are purely derived from Spain. Thus anything Latin isn't connected to his character by much more than coincidence.

I don't know a whole lot about the cultural distinctions myself, so I'd like to get what I think I know reinforced before I start editing. Is there a contributing factor I'm just not seeing here?
07:49:17 PM Jun 18th 2010
edited by ParadiscaCorbasi
Troper Tales: A real Crowning Moment of Heartwarming after the credits rolled at the showing I saw today. A family of Hispanic/Latin extraction was leaving, and the boys (of which there were three or four) all crowed, "Buzz was speaking Spanish! LIKE WE DO!"
03:06:50 AM Jun 9th 2010
In accordance with our Spoiler Policy, I have despoilered the name of Our Hero Is Dead.

Spoiler Policy: "Spoiler tagging the trope name is pointless. Don't do it, period."
01:24:42 PM Jun 18th 2010
On that note, are we even hiding the fact that Lotso is the villain? A lot of what's added spoils it.
09:45:29 AM Jun 23rd 2010
If it helps, I might add that when I saw the movie I knew he was a villain on first sight. That is a spoiler, but it comes in pretty early and is very important. I don't want to say 'yes' or 'no' definitively, but it's a thought.
08:21:55 PM May 27th 2010
Umm... Ok, there is a scene in Toy Story One, after Buzz realizes he's a toy, where he is quite obviously wasted. I'm not sure how that happened, or what he got drunk off of, and when I was little I thought he was just sad. I think that counts as Ambiguously Drunk. I looked that up and got nothing. Is that a real trope with a different name, that I can't find, or do I need to make this page?
01:46:49 PM May 28th 2010
It's not drunkedness. After being subjected to Hannah's tea party (may I remind you there was no tea and the toys never eat or drink anything), Buzz is just extrememly depressed with coming to terms with the fact that he isn't the space ranger he always thought he was, but rather just a toy. Having a world you thought was secure shattered can cause some people to have fits of insanity, either temporary or long-lasting.
02:34:36 PM May 28th 2010
The concept you're describing is probably something like Drunk On Depression. Aside from this I remember it also happened with Doc Brown in Back to the Future III, where he's so depressed after being dumped by Clara that he rambles on drunkenly in the bar for several minutes even though he hasn't actually had any alcohol.

I don't believe we have this trope, so it would have to be proposed on YKTTW.
10:22:07 PM May 1st 2010
May I suggest we split this article in to three different sections? No new pages need to be made, but we could have subheadings dividing the tropes that are specific to a certain film, and above it all have the tropes which apply to the whole series. What do others think?
11:48:07 PM May 2nd 2010
I'm really itching to try this as an experiment. If no one stops me, I'm gonna go ahead and do it sometime this week.
08:26:34 AM Jun 20th 2010
Why don't we split it to different pages. Seems too damn long.
07:34:50 PM Jul 30th 2010
We can't split it into different pages because Lumper vs. Splitter will come into effect and we don't want to start an Edit War.
11:12:31 PM Jul 30th 2010
I agree with splitting into separate pages. There are enough tropes in each section to fill up a page fairly well.

Yes, Lumper vs. Splitter will come into effect, and in fact, it's in effect write now, now that we're discussing it, but the fact of the matter is, both sides are legitimate and must be handled on a case by case basis, since sometimes lumping is correct, and sometimes splitting is correct. In cases with articles containing three movies that are this popular and have as many tropes as it does, splitting is perhaps the best solution.
11:26:49 AM Aug 10th 2010
The page is huge, and there is certainly enough in each section for 3 separate sections.
01:40:50 PM Jan 6th 2011
the tropes that apply to the entire series can be kept on this page. Those that apply to the first movie can be Film/ToyStory, the second movie ToyStory2, and the third ToyStory3
07:47:41 AM Jan 31st 2011
As long as there is an entry for "Series-wide", all these tropes need to be on the same page.
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