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04:57:07 PM Mar 21st 2015
The "trapped forever" prophecy, the third of Grandpa's prophecies, comes true thanks to President Schwarzenegger choosing the third solutionnote the "dome the city" option of Russ Cargill's five initial solutions to the pollution problem in Springfield.

This is being used as an example of Irony. I don't understand what can be considered ironic in this case.
04:02:50 PM Jul 13th 2012
What's with all these tropes about Homer being the true villain? Even if/though that's the case the tropes Big Good and Big Bad don't apply to Cargill and Simpson. Homer is at no point the controlling force behind everything (his lack of control is one of his main features) and Cargill is at best a Knight Templar Anti-Hero Antagonist that falls of the Slippery Slope when trying to blow everyone to kingdom come to cover his track regardless of how his intentions were to begin with.

Hey I made a big deal about a cartoon on the internet. Now I understand why everyone else does it.
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