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04:58:57 AM Mar 19th 2017
You people sure that his superhero name isn't Static Shock? I know he's just Static in the comics, but I think they renamed him to Static Shock in the cartoon, given that he's called that in his opening theme, as well as his official bios in the series' first DVD.
01:13:33 AM Jun 7th 2016
Woah, I could've sworn there used to be a recap for this show. Where'd it go?
10:14:21 PM Jun 18th 2016
Nevermind, it's back! I wonder how the link managed to disappear for so long...
07:10:38 AM Mar 8th 2014
I'm surprised that no one pointed out that the catchphrase "I put a shock in your system" sounds like an obvious shout-out to System Shock...
12:33:47 PM May 26th 2013
Um, there's something I'd like to add... It's about Hotstreak's pants, 'cause they look really loose on his waist, even with him wearing a belt and all. I know it's supposed to give him a more thuggish look (even showing the underwear and all), but it's too unrealistic. I'm even surprised it was only noted once in the show ("Yo, hothead! You should pull up your pants!" - She-Bang, before she knocks him out in her debut episode).

I think there's a trope for this (like there's Impossibly Low Neckline for female tops), but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is there a trope for this? If so, what would it be?
01:11:16 AM Jan 20th 2013
edited by Candi
I always figured so many of the original surviving Bang Babies were criminal minded because they'd been that way before the kaboom. The majority of the original set were there to participate in a gang war, after all.

Though there's no telling how many secondary contaminations there were, such as Richie and (maybe) Mirage.

I always thought it was a shame that there never ran a Livewire/Static crossover.
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