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02:19:12 PM Sep 21st 2014
I've deleted the Huge Girl Tiny Guy entry because it made a lot of errors regarding identifying the planes on which two of the characters were based on: Rochelle is based on Bay Super V which is in the same, if not smaller size as the Gee Bee Model R. Ishani is based on the AeroCad AeroCanard which is a kit plane significatlly smaller (about 4 times) then the PZL-Mielec M-18 and Air Tractor AT-802on which Dustin is based. Ishani is not based on the Beachecraft Starship or the Piaggio Avanti. Had that been the case she would have had 2 engines Like Rochelle or Bulldog which were based on 2 engined aircraft and thus had two engines.
06:18:29 PM Aug 10th 2013
YMMV has some code issues and the "main" link returns to a different page. I'm not sure how to fix this but I'd thought I'd bring some attention to it.
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