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11:53:45 PM May 25th 2012
edited by R.G.
I'm surprised that with some of Histeria's theme songs were based on the theme songs of other shows, there was none based on Animaniacs. To rectify that, I offer the following:

It's time for His-te-ria,

a show beyond com-pare-ia.

We swear-ia

and declare-ia,

you'll love His-te-ria!

We go through time and space in search of comedy,

we go all around making fun of history,

we take superstars, from every century,

we bring 'em here in hopes of getting much hilarity!

It' s His-te-ria,

Father Time leads the way-ia,

Big Fat Baby smells so fouled,

Kiddington's really loud,

it's His-te-ria!

Meet Aka, Toast and Miss Info,

meet Fetch and Froggo,

the World's Oldest Woman,

Lucky Bob and Cho Cho,

Charity's so miserable,

Pepper's so excitable,

we've got some more, but to show you more, would make the whole thing inflammble!

It's His-te-ria!

They love it in Bulga-ria!

So prepare-ia

for hilaria,

it's histerizany,




We dare-ia!
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