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09:10:40 AM Jan 15th 2013
What's going on?! This guy name 'biscuitsngravy' that keeps causing trouble in this page! He deletes stuff(even valid ones) and never even leaves a reason why?! He also been messing with the Garfield And Friends radar page! I can understand taking out examples like 'farting' but I don't understand his logic in taking out the more valid ones!(last I checked, showing a character's privates in a kids show is pretty much Crap Past The Radar) He's not even consistent with his own editing! Some stuff he redeleted but left some stuff in which he deleted the first time!(What?!) He added his own example in the Radar page then deleted it. When he deleted all the examples in the tearjerker page without saying why, that was the last straw! Isn't the tearjerker page a YMMV page anyhow?! I really thought that page was for example that made you sad/cry. Just cause they weren't tearjerkers to biscuitsngravy doesn't give him the RIGHT to delete it! I'm starting to think he's trolling around here! Can someone please try to talk to this guy or get him to knock it off?!
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