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09:29:00 PM Mar 20th 2017
edited by LordKnightwolf
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy, What an Idiot example. Long story short, a few weeks ago from today there was an example T.U.E. that involved Lancer's unfair treatment to Danny about the C.A.T. test. And now, looking back on it, that example literally vanished into thin air. So, PLEASE, if there is anyone out there in the whole world who knows about this, PLEASE, help a guy out! PLEEEEEEEASE!!!
04:00:51 PM Nov 2nd 2014
I want to put a new entry in the YMMV tab regarding one of the Aesops in Danny Phantom, but I'm not exactly sure what it would be. The Aesop I'm talking about is how you should trust your family with your secrets because they'll still love you as shown by Danny's parents still loving him after finding out he was half-ghost when he had been terrified of them finding out that secret.

That message gets a little shaky when you apply it to real-world issues, such as someone who's secretly gay having parents who constantly and vehemently bash homosexuals and speak about violently harming them. The show says your parents would still love you if they find out your secret, no matter how much you're afraid of it and that sometimes is true for a normal family. But would anyone think it's a good idea to tell a homosexual to come out to his/her violently homophobic parents?

Would this fall under Broken Aesop or something else?
04:24:28 AM Nov 3rd 2014
To this be a Broken Aesop, the own show must contradict this aesop, if real life contradicts this or not is not relevant.
08:32:12 AM May 29th 2012
Anyone else think its ironic that Vlads quest for "love" seems to drive away everybody who might love him who he does not want dead.
08:24:33 PM Mar 12th 2013
That is ironic...
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