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10:54:54 AM Dec 10th 2012
edited by xenega
"Berserk Button: Also, insulting Arkady's best friend when he's lying on the floor with a bullet in his head? And then ignoring the resulting Death Glare and insulting him "again"? Given that Arkady is a mentally unstable Cloudcuckoolander who has repeatedly demonstrated what she's capable of in the past (see Beware the Nice Ones below), Jack was lucky just to get off with a short, sharp Reason You Suck Speech."

I think the trope is misused. Isn't it normal to be furious when your best friend is dying?
07:55:15 AM Dec 31st 2012
I do the change. This topic will be used as historic in case of anyone is against. Square Peg Round Trope suggest some trope to replace that, but I don't find a trope that correctly fit it.
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