WMG Friends And The High Council Other Side Friends Part 2 Discussion

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07:17:30 AM Oct 31st 2013
I'm surprised no one else has entered the Star Wars characters yet with the acquisition of LucasArts by Disney. If you guys want to take care of their bios, I have no time anytime soon to do so, so feel free to do that. I added Vader and Palpatine to the unfinished live-action movies section. I think Yoda's already in with the High Council though.
06:55:39 PM Jun 26th 2011
If anyone else still frequents here, it seems we have misjudged Mayor Doofenshmirtz. Recent events have made it clear that he may not be as evil as we assumed.
09:26:20 AM Aug 10th 2011
So...get rid of his section?
11:54:31 AM Aug 16th 2011
I suppose so.