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01:42:36 AM Nov 4th 2010
Pulled a set of tropes for the following reasons. Please don't shoehorn in tropes just because you found certain aspects of 100% Completion difficult.

  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Unlike the regular stages, in the Mara races, if you get hit, you get stunned for three seconds, giving Mara the chance to beat you (despite the fact that she needs to occasionally catch her breath)
    • There's no AI of any kind here; just a timer stand-in following a set path. That the race is more difficult than would be the case during the normal game mode is just part of the challenge of playing the specific minigame.

  • Guide Dang It!: Averted for the most part, but for those trying to 100% the game, getting the patch from the final boss involves one of the least intuitive methods in the entire game. Without using a guide (or looking around online message boards), there is no possible way of knowing that Yin-Yarn has a One-Winged Angel form that's fought later. For all any player knew, the stage had been completed at that point, and they would be seeing the ending soon, with no obvious method of getting the beads necessary to get the patch (it's done by fighting Yin-Yarn's said OWA form as the "Tankbot").
    • When would this ever become an issue? If you were going for 100% Completion on your first playthrough, and went through the trouble of performing a hard reset every time you saw the first couple of seconds of the last animation? Putting information, undisguised, at the end of a standard cutscene is about as forthcoming as it gets.

  • Lost Forever: Happens at least twice in this game. In Frigid Fjords, you have to choose between the CD or one of those things that fills the stage clear wheel; you don't get to take a third option, one of them WILL be skipped. Also, in Future City, it's possible to miss the ladders leading to those same items, which can lead to a number of unnecessary restarts. As a result, for those aiming for 100% Completion, these make the game (at least in those parts) more difficult than they should be.
    • If you can replay the level to obtain the item in question, it's not Lost Forever by definition. The possibility that you'll have to restart the level to obtain certain items for 100% Completion. It's extremely rare to see a platformer that tracks 100% Completion and does not carry this risk.
05:19:40 AM Nov 8th 2010
edited by tropower
I take that back. I saw that someone else had written a counterpoint to my edit. Sorry about that. I've already removed it.
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