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11:40:19 AM Nov 8th 2011
"Mortal Kombat 9" does not exist. It's Mortal Kombat, without a number, and it's a reboot and not a sequel.
11:42:21 AM Nov 8th 2011
edited by AMNK
Canonically it's a sequel, as it happens after Armageddon, and it was called this way in the link title to differentiate it from VideoGame.Mortal Kombat.
11:46:57 AM Nov 8th 2011
On Wikipedia it's Mortal Kombat (2010).

Oh, and Armageddon was not "Mortal Kombat 9" too, the last game with a number was MK 4.
11:49:21 AM Nov 8th 2011
"(2011)", of course.
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