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09:27:41 PM Mar 12th 2012
I've noticed across multiple L.A. Noire pages it's been opined that Roy was genuinely sad when giving the eulogy at the end of the game, purely because his voice quivers slightly. I just thought I'd ask how tropers came to that opinion, as it seems perfectly in-character for him to just be putting it on for show, and we've been given no indication, throughout the entire game, that Roy is anything other than a complete asshole.

I thought deleting them outright would a) be very rude and b) start an edit war, so thought I might just throw this up here...for some reason.
09:56:47 PM Mar 12th 2012
Go ahead and delete them I say. He MIGHT not have wanted Cole to have died, but it's not like that didn't benefit him so you can assume he wasn't sad.
12:02:04 PM May 1st 2012
I've always thought Roy was sincere in calling Cole a friend. They had differing agendas but I always felt Roy thought pretty highly of Cole.
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