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08:36:42 AM May 30th 2013
removed teh following:
  • The second game soon makes it apparent that no amount of his training would have helped Cole against the Beast, meaning that most of the first game was a waste of effort on his part.
  • Not necessarily. Kessler's goal was to make Cole capable of defeating The Beast. Yes, power is nice, but it was more a matter of making sure he was psychologically capable of doing what would be needed. In Kessler's timeline, Cole ran away to protect his family because he was not able to accept the sacrifice that would be required of him to save the world. If the Hero ending is chosen, Cole sacrificed himself and every Conduit on Earth to defeat The Beast and save the world. Kessler's plan worked.
    • No. Kessler was unaware of the motives of the Beast, and therefore incapable of truly preparing Cole for dealing with the Beast, even aside from the mismatch in power levels. Additionally, the device used to defeat the Beast was something that Kessler was unaware of, otherwise he could have killed the Beast himself without bothering with Empire City. Kessler's actions in Empire, aside from making the Beast sooner, also resulted in a plague that Kessler's training and knowledge was worthless against. Kessler's actions made things worse, and the situation was only salvaged in spite of his machinations, not because of them.

Because it's natter. (Also, Kessler made it clear in the first game that he was interested in both giving Cole the power he needs AND the mental discipline to use it properly)
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