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09:43:49 PM Sep 22nd 2013
When Valvatorez visited the Dark Senate as another player's Foreign Minister, I was curious, and wanted to see if he'd like a Sardine as a bribe, despite the fact that his preferred item was Muscles. It turned out to be a "Must Have!" Is this the same every time, and if so, would it count as "The Dev Team Thinks of Everything"?
08:16:32 PM Mar 27th 2013
Why is Vulcanus being Artina even listed as a spoiler, sure we're telling people who haven't played that game a spoiler, but it's so obvious it hardly seems worth marking.
11:05:33 AM Jul 25th 2012
edited by AkoSiKuya32
burnpsy: I have personally confirmed that it's Flonne's theme. Etna's are "Etna Rock" and "Etna Boogie", not "You Go Girl". Always verify before correcting people, please.

What source do you have to confirm it then? As far as I remember, it only played during one Flonne scene and that's when she sneaks around the castle. The song mostly plays during Etna's Next Episode segments and several Etna scenes, including the aforementioned Maderas scene. In fact, it plays throughout the battle itself. Etna Boogie was only her Ending theme and Etna Rock only played during her Awesome Moments in Disgaea 2. If anything Flonne's themes are either Battle of Eight Beat, Angel Smile, or Dear Friends.
02:35:24 AM Jul 27th 2012
edited by burnpsy
The other half of your claim is still false just from the fact that Etna Rock and Etna Boogie exist.

Remove it if you want. I don't even care, TBQH. I expected something more important when I saw I got a PM.
07:11:49 AM Jul 27th 2012
Well, how was I supposed to remove it without you checking my response? You said you personally confirmed that it was Flonne's theme, so I wanted to know more about that "confirmation", which you still haven't said anything about. For all I know, you probably would not have even touched the discussion board had I not sent that PM. And I didn't say Etna Boogie and Etna Rock are NOT her themes. I just said that they were her ending themes.
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