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11:10:05 AM Jun 15th 2012
Arbitrary Skepticism: In The Sleeping Dragon, George decides to put a famous legend to the test. After accidently finding King Arthur's tomb and retrieving Excalibur (as it often happens, it's confused with the fabled 'sword in the stone') AND slaying a dragon, having been recently knighted by a long-forgotten Knights Templar sect, George throws the sword into a nearby lake. Nothing happens. Nico realises that he believed a hand would come up out of the water and says, "Get real, George." with only the slightest hint of irony. Then the sword suddenly sinks, as if it was pulled under the water...

Aside Glance: Before the credits roll in The Sleeping Dragon, George asks Nico what happened to Petra, the assassin who tried to kill them both many times throughout the game which prompts her to say that she just, "disappeared" and her eyes quickly glace towards the camera/player. Potentially displaying Genre Savvy-ness, given how many other "disappeared" characters turn up in later games.
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