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02:09:46 AM Sep 29th 2016
edited by ChrisX
Why hasn't this page redirected to the Franchise namespace, again? This thing has been more than Video Game, considering we have Alter Memory (Anime), Stage Play and some... 'spin offs'...
05:08:57 AM Sep 29th 2016
Because nobody asked yet. :P
07:37:00 PM Jun 28th 2014
What's the theme that plays for some scenes for Ragna's story mode in the second and third game, if the whole soundtrack is listed in the Awesome Music section?

Is it the one called "this track from Continuum Shift"? Because it doesn't work anymore because youtube is freaking gay. T_T

I'm glad I at least know the name of the music box one though, Stardust Memory. :) The battle music is good of course, but the serenity of the cutscene music is good too.

Just like Touhou, eh? ;)
07:48:26 PM Jun 28th 2014
Finally found it! <3 It's Hollow. :) That one is really good. ^_^
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