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03:32:16 PM Nov 4th 2012
  • EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in Splice. Their so friggen stupid that when they all get killed or even raped by the monster, it's hard not feel as if they had it coming. When your characters are so stupid that you don't feel bad that they're getting raped and murdered by a horrible genetic monstrosity, something is obviously wrong.

Removed this. Not is it basically contextless, it comes across as Complaining About Shows You Don't Like. Feel free to repost with more specific detail.
09:37:01 PM Oct 11th 2012
Deep Blue Sea entry: Should the first sub-entry ("Not to mention the sheer dumbness of giving something as deadly as a shark increased human brain power in the first place. That was bound to go well.") be edited or removed? The reason the sharks were super-smart was a side-effect of research into treatment of Alzheimer's. They weren't deliberately made intelligent just for the lulz.

What gets me? There were only three sharks, and the scientists were messing with them anyway. Part of the concern was not only super-smart sharks on the rampage, but them breeding and introducing the intelligence to the general population of the relevant species. Why didn't they at least sterilize them? Removing vital parts or cutting and removing tubes, then sealing the ends, would have at least prevented them from breeding. But, no. They couldn't even take that small a precaution, just. in. case.