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10:53:40 PM May 7th 2017
edited by Cyfiero
Can someone please add [[Disproportionate Retribution]] here. :-/ This play seriously have one of the most horrifying instances of it. Sure, Glauce is vain and is excited for marriage with Jason but does that really make her deserve dying from a slow and agonizing death of acid melting away all her flesh? Same goes for her father, whose only crime, banishing Medea, is as he said, justifiably motivated by the fact he can tell she's about to hurt his family. It's actually more ambiguous if he hates her personally.

Also, I know that this isn't Wikipedia and isn't so much about NPOV, but aside from the brief mention in the YMMV of how debatable it is whether Medea is justified, it seems the page is extremely skewed towards Medea. The play is very much black-and-grey or at the very least grey-and-gray, with all characters having clear flaws but also some human aspects that make them sympathetic. And, speaking from the perspective of someone who honestly tends to have a bias for female characters, every time I read this play, I never find Jason to be as "extremely condescending" as the play is advertised. He always seemed to me someone while clearly proud with racist undertones against "barbarians" is driven from a stereotypically "logical male" mindset, and his dialogue, rather than clearly being smug, comes off to me as just more stoically frank when he first argues with Medea. His pride partially stems from seeing himself as a "rational" person (reinforcing the stereotypical gender roles of male and female) less from being an egotistical, idiotic person as the page presents.

Now, obviously there are many different interpretations, and there's no absolute true interpretation, but I'm not sure about the policy on POV. There's a YMMV page, and honestly a lot of the stuff written here can go there. I'm not really an editor here, so I'm not used to the particular snarky or informal language that is ideal for this site, and I don't really have much time to commit to this task.

At the very least, can someone please add [[Disportionate Retribution]] on here? xD
10:41:15 AM Mar 22nd 2011
I thought it was the case that Euripides' play was the first version of the story to represent Medea as killing her children (in older versions, they were still killed, but by the Angry Mob), which would make this play Darker and Edgier, rather than making the other versions bowdlerizations.
05:11:58 PM Mar 23rd 2011
That's what Helen M. Hoover claims in her (YA'ish?) novel "The Dawn Palace", in the afterword.
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