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09:40:26 AM Jul 24th 2012
On the The Order of the Stick Tropes Page: G-I why is Elan's attractiveness "informed". We get a clear picture of his identical twin, Nale in this strip. If they are identical, with the exclusion of the goatee on Nale, then Elan would look this attractive, just like Nale does. Why has no one picked up on this yet? For the record, I hadn't edited that solely because it a realistic picture of Nale, not Elan, but it could be said they look exactly the same and so the picture would apply to Elan as well. Just like the bounty that Nale's bounty picture looked close enought for the tastes of Ganji and Enor.
03:57:08 PM Jul 24th 2012
That picture only appears halfway in the story; Elan's attractiveness was certainly informed till then, and frankly how attractive is Nale in the picture is YMMV. The fact that he's mentionned to have 18 Charisma is certainly informed.
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