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05:26:18 PM Feb 18th 2013
edited by evknucklehead
On one playthrough of High Road to Revenge, I managed to finish off the final boss at exactly the same moment as the time ran out. Here's the sequence that occured:

1. Final shot hits the last target. 2. Cutscene showing the collapse of the last building plays. 3. Ending cutscene plays. 4. Back in the cockpit for a "Mission Failed" screen and I get to try the mission again...

I can see how this one would slip through testing, as the timing had to be exact, but still, it was a real "What just happened?" moment for me.
08:43:55 PM Jul 13th 2011
Was bored one day reading about an old arcade game I'd played (Crimson Skies) when I started reading the backstory to the game and others in its series. Was very interesting, with the splitting of the states and everything, and one thing that caught my eye and actually got me to laugh aloud was the independent state of Utah. Being LDS myself, I started reading about the formation of the state. It was really interesting, and alot of stuff they actually seemed to have done their research on (Heber J. Grant being the leader of the LDS Church at the time, names from the Book of Mormon being used as Zepplin names). But then I saw the flag, and had to do a facepalm. I know it was a good attempt at showing the theocracy in the state, but since the LDS Church doesn't use crosses, having one on Utah's flag doesn't actually make much sense. Still, this little diversion has gotten me more interested in the Crimson Skies universe, so I guess the backstory team's done it's job!
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