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01:14:34 AM Apr 11th 2012
I don't think the My Little Pony example is very nice, and I'm sure there are Twilight fans who'd say the same about those examples. :\ is there a criteria for examples?
04:35:44 PM Mar 12th 2012
edited by Sessalisk
Hi there. Since the trope repair shop is never going to open up to the public*, I might as well bring this up here.

The Laconic description of this page doesn't seem to match up with the main page. The real issue is whether this is because the trope is being misrepresented by the Laconic, or whether it's because of the description on the main page obscuring the trope.

From the page's description, it seems like Fiction Identity Postulate means that all fiction is equally real (all of it being fictional and thus not real), and thus, equally valid. It says that the proof of this is that all ideas have the potential to be good.

The Laconic, however, states that Fiction Identity Postulate simply means that all ideas have the potential to be good, which judging by the page, is proof of the trope rather than the definition.

I know for a fact that a lot of people just tl;dr the main page and jump straight to the Laconic, so it would be best to fix the discrepancy somehow, maybe to revise the main page so that it reflects the meaning of the Laconic, or to adjust the Laconic so that it more accurately represents the meaning of the trope.

The thing is, I'm not sure which trope is being described here. All ideas have the potential to be good and All fiction is equally valid are two very different things.
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