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04:21:27 PM Apr 6th 2017
Can we add tropes from the companion novels, Whodunnit, Murder In mystery Manor, And Murder in Mystery Island? They are Fictionalized season(s) of the show with Giles Returning for both, They actually add to the shows lore on WHY the Deadly games are happening.
05:58:08 PM Aug 31st 2013
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editing complaint— removing names obsessively. already tagged spoilers aren't spoiling anything.

maybe this is the wrong place to leave this, if so i apologize in advance, but uhm, it's really kind of annoying that all of my edits keep getting undone. spoilers are tagged anyways, and if you're not logged in you can't see them. there are other names on the page so why is it not okay to mention some people and not everyone? don't you want people to know who was on the show? i don't think that's a spoiler. just sayin' is all.
09:24:36 PM Aug 13th 2013
I'm making a prediction, Melina is the killer. The reason you never see her dead body at the end of ep 8 is because the killer used the opportunity to slip away. The last distribution of the scared card was just an excuse and instead of a murder is because The mystery will be finding Guiles after his kidnapping and the confronting of the killer will take place after that
01:35:50 PM Aug 16th 2013
Of course, that could be just what the killer WANTS you to think. As we've seen, the OBVIOUS answer has rarely been the RIGHT answer on this show.
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