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11:04:13 AM May 19th 2011
Is there some efficient way to separate the British spy series from the comic book? It is rather irritating that they are linked together.
09:21:00 PM Jun 1st 2011
Agreed. The British show has nothing to do with the comic so it shouldn't be linked with it
11:12:05 AM Mar 11th 2011
Someone already confused the flippin' Character page with the comic...
02:51:34 PM Dec 23rd 2011
Yeah, that's a problem with how we have chosen to handle subpages. Wikipedia would do it more like List Of Characters In The Avengers Comic Book and List Of Characters In The Avengers TV Series. Likewise with the YMM Vs: Audience Reactions To The Avengers Comic Book and Audience Reactions To The Avengers TV Series.
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