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10:51:36 PM Nov 10th 2011
Not an example of the trope. Not every trope can be averted, because not every trope is wedded to a narrative logic. When a politically contentious area comes up, works of fiction may or may not take the politically correct route, and there's no particular narrative formula that says which.

This material is perhaps more suited to the Analysis tab. Or in a much more concise form, the main text.

  • Politically Correct History - Surprisingly mostly averted, particularly by children's show standards. Racism against the Chinese and Aborigines becomes more present the further back you go. This being a kids show this is mostly subtle, but in one case a strict mother quite explicitly expresses what she sees as the deficiencies of the 'Blacks' (Aboriginal Australians), and treats them rather like wild animals. Also features some mild xenophobia towards the Asian and Muslim protagonists in the 70s and 80s episodes. It might edge into this for some of the earlier episodes. None of the early (i.e. pre-WWI) extreme anti-Asian hysteria is visible, however historical evidence shows that local communities could be quite protective of local non-White families, and as the Asian characters are all part of established communities early on - communities they don't leave within the story (and they do experience some racism in some stories) this is likely a case of Shown Their Work.
10:49:03 PM Nov 10th 2011
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Sydney is not a trope, so we don't list it as an example.

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