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01:31:20 PM Feb 28th 2012
So, anyone know how this show is doing ratings-wise?
09:19:48 PM Dec 14th 2012
Does it matter? Cartoon Network is determined to make it succeed. They renewed it after only 10 episodes bear in mind.

Cartoon Network hasn't had a massively successful show that they produced since the early 2000s. All of the shows that were getting massive views and ratings were shows from other places, and that pissed them off (this is why Code Lyoko was pulled with only two episodes left to air, despite being one of their top-rated and top-viewed shows at the time).

I've tried watching Level Up, but it's a mediocre series at best that seems to be written by people who know absolutely nothing about video games other than pop culture references and maybe one time one of the writers read a gaming forum. But none of that matters because Cartoon Network is going to try and ram it down our throats, and then wonder why on earth we start turning Nickolodeon on.
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