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05:24:21 PM Sep 28th 2015
edited by Flamekebab
"Atari Style Joysticks"

The phrasing of the Pac-Man Fever entry confused me. What's so strange about Dougal and Damo using joysticks?

Consoles were nowhere near as popular in the UK and Ireland at the time. Games were played on home computers like the Amiga 500 and they all shared the 9-pin joystick port. Dougal and Damo are playing with are Competition Pro joysticks (or knock-offs of their design) for anyone interested. Fond memories of gaming with those things!
11:18:25 AM Aug 28th 2015
Just as an aside, I saw the episode "Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse" with an actual Catholic bishop, the late Roger Kaffer, auxiliary bishop of Joliet, Illinois. He had never seen <I>Father Ted</I> before, and he thought it was hilarious.
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