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12:38:50 PM Mar 14th 2015
Is this whole bit:

While everyone on the show clearly loves cars and knows what they're doing, it cannot be denied that much of the show is painfully staged for the camera in an attempt to show cool stuff and hijinks that will also pad out the running time. A good example is the time an extremely attractive woman was standing by their car carrier rig, ostensibly "admiring" it. She looks like she just got out of the make-up chair, shows no surprise at cameras recording her, and no reason whatsoever is given for her walking up to a car carrier parked on a street to "admire" it. Watch the sequence sometime. In a word, ouch.

...really necessary? I mean, I have no doubt that a lot of stuff is, in fact, staged, but this just seems kinda pointless. It's no more staged than any other similar show and it just seems weird to focus so much on it.
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