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12:51:00 AM May 8th 2014
In one of the "Bar Wars" St. Patrick's Day episodes where the men shaved their heads, did Gary become a McGuffin just by disappearing (or never appearing)? I'm unsure if that's the right word for their situation of handling a crisis w/ a nemesis who never showed up.
04:02:43 AM Jun 11th 2012
If Diane is a genius with several degrees, why hasn't she any options but being a waitress without a lover's patronage from her uni?
09:31:45 AM Aug 5th 2012
It is always implied that she is just a pretentious intellectual. Fraiser and his mother always mentioned how she was a pseudo-intellectual. She wasn't actually a "genius". She was unnecessarily verbose and dull ;)
11:06:48 PM Aug 22nd 2013
I wouldn't be that harsh; it's simply a matter of, for all her smarts, Diane doesn't seem to have the world-wisdom needed to truly "seek fame and fortune" on her own. Not at first, anyway.
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