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06:41:52 AM May 24th 2012
Finale spoilers. You've been warned.

Mindscrew: For me, at least, the final episode has a scene where Britten has a visitor whilst in prison in the red reality. He sits down, seemingly ready for whoever comes through the door, but when it shows you the other side of the glass, there's a green tint to the scene. Britten sits down. When it shows the two of them, one side of the glass is red tinted and the other side is green tinted. Britten talks to himself. Or his other self. Or something. He then imagines both universe's therapists, who disagree as much in person as when Britten talks to them. And Vega is dressed as a penguin who can fast-forward, rewind and pause an imagined scene. Apparently, the earlier-hallucinated penguin was to make this less weird for Britten - "You've seen a penguin before. Don't look at me, look at them!" Britten accepts this. After he gets a pep talk from his wife, he wakes up in the green reality. His green therapist tells him that all of this evidence shows that, finally, one reality is 'real' and the other is a dream. Until she freezes mid-sentence and the door to her office becomes a door to Britten's bedroom. Britten loses his rubber band and, much like the time it happened earlier, there is no colour tint to the world. He goes downstairs and talks to Rex. Then his wife walks in. They notice that he hasn't moved in a while and ask if he's alright. With his eyes watering, he says, "Yeah... I'm perfect."

Sequel Hook: In the green reality, Bird, Britten's partner, says that some things have happened over the past few days that he needs Britten to help him understand. Whilst this may just be all the weird, seemingly coincidental information Britten uses to crack cases with his perspective on twin realities, to me it sounded like that sort of thing was happening to Bird too.

I wanted to make sure that these weren't just me overthinking things...
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