Recap The Legend Of Korra S 1 E 10 Turning The Tides Discussion

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12:48:12 PM Jun 17th 2012
it's about time dante basco showed up in this cartoon.
05:14:54 PM Jun 16th 2012
Although it wasn't 100% confirmed in the episode, I thought it was pretty heart warming that Zuko named his son after his uncle, almost acknowledging him as his father. Considering all the crap they went through together, it's nice to know that it all worked out in the end. That's assuming that it's not just a dead ringer for the character who happens to have the same voice actor.
07:07:35 PM Jun 16th 2012
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That would be a grandson, based on his age. He must be either the son of Zuko's daughter (according to the Nickolodeon site, Zuko has a daughter who is the current Fire Lord), or of another, unmentioned child of Zuko.
07:20:22 AM Jun 17th 2012
I know that's more likely, but we still can't abandon the fact that Zuko is still alive (right?) There's the chance he took a second wife, or ended up having another kid at 50, etc. Either way, we won't know for sure until Word of God or an episode says so (which shouldn't take too long, amirite?)
08:18:39 AM Jun 17th 2012
IIRC Dante Basco said that episode 11 (the next one!) has something Zuko-related. Whether this new character turns out to be a firebender with mad knife skills or not remains to be seen...
12:24:38 PM Jun 17th 2012
He is still alive as a wandering ambassador according to the site. But it's still almost certainly a grandson.
12:04:52 PM Jun 18th 2012
Tenzin's second son was just born, and he's in his 50s or so. It's entirely possible that Zuko could have fathered a child late in his life. And we currently don't know how old Iroh is either, he could look young for his age.
08:48:02 AM Jun 19th 2012
The creators have confirmed it, Iroh is Zuko's grandson:
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