Recap Doctor Who S 31 E 06 The Vampires Of Venice Discussion

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02:52:33 PM Jul 29th 2012
Removed this aside:

"Rosanna merely reminds him coldly that he now has two extinct species to his name (Though we as viewers know that in fact he has many, many more.)

Perhaps created a number of endangered species and Responsible for genocide, obviously. But how "many, many" extinctions (ie no lifeforms left) has the Doctor caused?
06:17:58 PM Sep 22nd 2011
I can see where the Doctor is coming from. Rosana is trying to save her species, something he can identify with, if she'd shown any regret, any remorse over the terrible means she's using to do it - if she'd 'known Isabella's name' if the cost had mattered to her at all - she would have kept his sympathy and he'd have found a way to help her without destroying human lives.

Compare Rosana with Liz 10 who is so conflicted, so agonized over what she is doing to the space whale to save her people that she retreats into self induced amnesia. The Doctor is ready to help her.
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