Recap Doctor Who NSS 3 E 2 The Shakespeare Code Discussion

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06:16:39 AM Jul 19th 2013
Words cannot describe my sadness at seeing this text (mostly mine) zapped: "Let's pause a moment to discuss how awesome this is. The leader of the Power Trio banishes his enemy to scream for all eternity in a Fate Worse Than Death, by shouting "Expelliarmus" to the heavens. As of the time this show was written and released (after book 6, before book 7), this was not at all how Expelliarmus worked. Later, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this is how Harry defeats Voldemort. So this is an impossible anachronism even in the real world. It happened, presumably, because Expelliarmus is a cool enough word that it became an Ensemble Dark Horse of Harry Potter spells, leading independently to both Gareth Roberts and J.K. Rowling promoting it to its most dramatic possible use. The word expelliarmus was genius enough to create some real-life magic. It was, as the episode put it, a Word of Power. That, and it rhymed."

Edit reason: "This is a Doctor Who recap". This baffles me. It's a recap of a Doctor Who episode that references Harry Potter, on a site whose mission statement is finding and discussing correlations between media. Is there somewhere else it would belong on this site, or do I have to start my own media critic blog just to share the Good News of Expelliarmus?
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